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Titanium pin

 The design of the pins is designed for simple and convenient fixation of the membranes.

 Due to its design - there is a convenient fixation of the pin in the bone tissue.

 Strong and sharp pin shaft, allows you to work with any type of bone.

 The pins are installed in - titanium membranes, collagen membranes and PTFE membranes.

 The pins are made from titanium alloy.

Titano kaiščiai odontologija, kaiščiai membranoms tvirtinti
Titano smeigtukų rinkinys operacijai
Laikiklis smeigtukų odontologijai


 1) Installing the pin on the lingual side is convenient.

 2) The membrane is not wound around the pin.

 3) Installing a pin in 4-8 seconds.

 4) Fixed in any type of bone.

 5) Installing the pin with a tip, without a hammer.

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